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escalated to a two-alarm blaze. fire rescue crews are still here on the scene. joining us now to give us the very latest on this case is mark brady with the prince george's county fire department. so this started out in the bottom level of a three-story building, and basically went through the roof or the attic area? >> it did. the middle floor, extending up to the top floor and eventually through the roof. when firefighters arrived, heavy smoke from the roof and heavy fire conditions on the rear side of the building. >> it looks like a dozen units were affected? >> it's going to be 11 units in the building of origin, and 11 units in the building attached to that. about 60 residents will be displaced as a result of this fire. american red cross, citizens services unit are providing some shelter for these displaced people. >> just to correct myself, it's the berkshires at the brierwood apartments here, basically off 197 and konte road? >> that's right. it's split up into several different complexes. >> were there any injuries or rescues as a result of this? >> fortunately, because the fir
in payment services can be used to buy goods and services or improve their home. >> reporter: this woman stuck with a 7% note and upside down. >> this house for $325,000. now, according to the tax records, it's $127,000. >> reporter: she gets no help today. >> some called it a single when what they needed was a home run. >> reporter: the president spent $2.4 billion of the $50 billion he pledged on housing. because his housing secretary said today, the problem was worse than they thought. >> because of that complexity that helped contribute to the housing bubble and the housing bust, it made it harder to unwind these troubled mortgages. >> reporter: now, barack obama is running for re-election looking for ways to fix the mortgage mess. key 2012 swing states like nevada, like florida are the worst places still affected more than any place else in this country by the mortgage and housing mess. live from the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. back to you. >> steve, thank you. the president's plan may not be enough for local homeowners in trouble with their mortgages. the plan can offer low
airport, he was arrested by authorities there. let's hear from u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> the complaint alleges that this conspiracy was conceived, was sponsored and was directed from iran. and constitutes a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law including a convention that explicitly protects diplomats from being harmed. in addition to holding these individual conspirators accountable for their alleged role in this plot, the united states is committed to holding iran accountable for its actions. >> reporter: now, the embassy has released a statement this afternoon saying, quote, the royal embassy of saudi arabia would like to express its appreciation to the responsible agencies of the united states government for preventing a criminal act from taking place. the attempted plot is a despicable violation of international norms, standards and conventions and is not in accord with the principles of humanity, end quote. now, shakuri, it is important to note that he is still on the loose. however, the first suspect as we said was arrested in new york. and it is all
to use pepper spray to break a group who wanted to get inside the museum to protest an exhibit on drones. one woman who was there said it was a peaceful protest and there was no need for pepper spray. >> i hope people got -- i hope they don't think that we just closed it so the tourists would be angry. no we, wanted to go get in to the drone and see it. we weren't going to do it -- we were peaceful. we were quite a lot of us, but we were peaceful. we were just going to go in and look at it in disbelief. maybe chant a little bit. >> other protesters with the stop the machine movement spent their day marching to the white house to ask president obama for their own beer summit. the group consists of families, military families and veteran. they want to meet with the president to explain their opposition to the war and express their grievances. >>> president obama's american jobs act heads to the senate for a vote this week. a thumbs up from a economists who say the $447 billion proposal could create millions of jobs. but republicans say it's a rehash of old ideas that didn't work in the pas
by cain in the '90s. steve handelsman joins us from capitol hill with more on the revelation that could cost a front-runner some support. >> thanks. he was in d.c. joking. now he knows how it feels to be at the top of the gop field where the target is set on his back. he does seem to be taking the crisis seriously. >> herman cain is denying the accusations. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> the website politico reports cain was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by two women in the '90s. >> we saw a document that details the allegations. >> reporter: cain was head of the national restaurant association. nbc news confirms at least one woman complained of his conduct, received a cash settlement and left. cain claims he was exonerated by an internal investigation. >> as far as a settlement, i am unaware of any sort of settlement. i hope it wasn't for much because i didn't do anything. >> reporter: it's herman cain's first campaign crisis, embarrassing personal questions. >> did you engage with members of the restaurant asos yas? >> no! >> reporter: iowa and south carolina
obama's announcement that all u.s. troops in iraq will be home by the end of the year. while military families are happy their loved ones are coming home, some presidential candidates are questioning the motivations behind the president's move. brian moore has the story. >> i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> president obama's decision to pull the last u.s. troops out of iraq is welcome news for military spouses. >> it's great. i think it's wonderful. the troops need to come home and be with tlaur families. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by veterans. >> it's about time. we're losing family members that -- for no reason now. >> basically iraq veterans, and veterans from afghanistan, they met every challenge both personally and operationally throughout this entire war. >> reporter: but there are lingering questions, whether the mission really is accomplished. and whether iraq can fend for itself. on the campaign trail, the candidates who want to take president's job are asking one now. >> was the president's administration outnegotiated by the
gray joins us from detroit. jay? >> reporter: you are right. this is a case that's been marked by the dramatic twists and turns. the biggest, most important twist came on day two when the defense made a stunning announcement. after sitting through the first day of his trial without saying a word, accused terrorist, umar farouk abdulmutallab surprised everyone. he changed his plea this morning to guilty. >> pleading to something with a life sentence is not something i recommend. >> reporter: defending himself, he ignored the advice of a stand by lawyer and told the court he was guilty of eight charges including a weapon of mass destruction, terrorism and attempted murder. >> i don't believe there was a particular photograph or piece of evidence that caused that. i think mr. abdulmutallab had something he wanted to say and he made a statement. >> reporter: that statement came after the plea when he said the explosives hidden in the underwear with a blessed weapon to save the lives of innocent muslims. >> he don't regret trying to kill innocent people. you don't feel remorse about
photographs. if they were used in opening statements, according to the judge, the jury will not listen to anything else after seeing those photographs. he did allow four photos to be used in opening statements by the prosecutor in this case, but these are more general photos of jayna murray's body, without her face being shown. some distinctive marks on her skull and hand and a picture of her during her lifetime. other breaking news at this hour. it was revealed that six to eight weapons were used in the murder of jayna murray and she suffered 107 wounds. 107 wounds. all of this was revealed tonight as this trial begins. they started monday screening 149 potential jurors. now, that number has been cut to 65. the final selection begins wednesday morning as prosecutors can strike or remove up to ten people. the defense team gets 20 strikes, eliminating people they don't think will be sympathetic to their side. judge robert greenburg says it will take no more than half an hour and then the trial will begin with opening statements, but lawyers disagree over what the jury should see. at the
of similar type crime in herndon, to please call us. >> reporter: the second incident happened at 7:00 p.m. in the 400 block of eldon street. again, police say the attacker told the victim he was a police officer. forced her into his gray car, drove a short distance, then sexually assaulted her. >> we really want to find this person, get him off the streets, you should be able to trust the local law enforcement, federal, county, state and we don't want any confusion. we want to make sure if someone's out there pretending to be law enforcement and they're not, they need to be caught. >> reporter: if you're pulled over by someone in an unmarked vehicle and someone wearing plain clothes, be sure and ask for proper identification. it's okay to ask for that, to take a look at that badge. also, ask to see a supervisor, have that supervisor come to the scene if you're suspicious or concerned this person may not in fact be a police officer. they're concerned there may be additional victims in this case that have not stepped forward. call herndon police at 703-435-6846. reporting live from herndo
video is graphic, but shaky. for hours, u.s. officials were scrambling to verify what libyan rebels claim, that moammar gadhafi is dead. a victory for president obama. he saluted the libyan people. >> you have won your revolution. now, we will be a partner as you forge a future that provides dignity, freedom and opportunity. >> reporter: libyans celebrated. many joined the rebels to overthrow the leader they lov and grew to fear and hate. they needed help and they got it from the u.s. >> we did go in and supported a rebellion against gadhafi. it's a good thing he's gone. we ought to be careful about the lessons learned. >> reporter: one lesson is air power alone can work. in attacks ordered by president obama nato pounded gadhafi forces. it dwindled to the use of drones. italy and france kept up the attacks. gadhafi refused to give up or get out, even after the capital, tripoli fell. he was held up in the town of sirte. a convoy near sirte today. according to some reports, that is how and where gadhafi was caught and killed. arab experts say whether it makes america safer, at this p
from england. she was inside the helicopter that sunk. >>> four people including two u.s. army corps of engineer employees are in jail. they are accused of taking more than $20 million in bribes and kickbacks. federal authorities rrgs calling it one of the most brazen bribery schemes in the u.s. history. jane watrel in our newsroom now with more on this. >> jim, prosecutors aren't saying exactly how they were tipped to this massive scam but clearly there were signs. according to court documents, the defendants lived the high life for the past four years. studded behind luxury cars, rolex watches, clothes from neiman marcus and other signs of conspicuous consumption. federal agents raid the woodbridge home of michael alexander noun under arrest with three others in a $20 million government bribe ry scheme. called the largest and most brazen act of its kind in u.s. history. >> this scheme is staggering in scope. and i think that it surprised all of us. i think it took tremendous teamwork to get to the depths of this and our investigation continues. >> reporter: the complex scam began f
meteorologist, doug kammerer to show who is under a warning. doug, you warned us of this on wednesday. >> you mentioned we have not seen snow in this area since 1979. we had a third of an inch of snow at the airport. officially, i wasn't born yet. that's not true. what is true, is we have snow making our way. don't think we are trying to fool you. a lot of people are saying this is too early. mother nature says it is, too. 48 degrees now with winds out of the east-southeast at 6 miles per hour. we are seeing some rain across the area and some snow in the viewing area toward west virginia and hardy county. seeing snow around the petersburg area. most of the rain is not affecting us. you can see it moving up from the south and west. the coastal storm has yet to develop and will develop overnight tonight. we'll continue to watch as it does. rain moves in at 9:00 in the area. tomorrow morning, raining heavily in places. 41 degrees at 5:00 a.m. we'll see snow to the west. that snow will come down fairly quickly. mostly snow in portions of west virginia. rain to snow around i-81 corridor. from wash
the college tuition of students who enter the u.s. illegally. >> these magnets have got to be stopped if we are going to stop the flow of illegals into this country. >> reporter: the "n" word, former name of a family ranch. today, perry is hunkered down focusing on tomorrow night. >> he prepares for everything he does. he's going to be in good shape tomorrow night and the weeks going forward. >> reporter: he plans to slam what he calls romneycare. his campaign has a tough preview. desperate to breakthrough are michele bachmann and jon huntsman. huntsman moved his headquarters to new hampshire. >> romney's problem is the contests that come later. south carolina, then florida, then georgia. southern primaries in rick perry country. states where romney's mormon faith called a cult could become an issue. back to you. >> steve handelsman, thanks. >>> breaking news in the district now. demonstrators have been staging antiwar protests for several days in downtown d.c. now. they were spoesed to clear out today, but they have been given an extension. chris gordon is at freedom plaza now. chris? >> r
. >> we have not been able to locate him. we have four federal agencies assisting us and searching for him. >> reporter: investigators say an attempted abduction in stafford on the tuesday night could be connected to the attempted snatching of the 9-year-old girl in spotsylvania county. in that incident, a 17-year-old girl says a man tried to force her into the his beige-colored car around 7:30 in the evening. when she refused, he threatened to come back and get her. police say people should expect to see more patrols on halloween in light of these attacks. >> we typically put out additional manpower. we are putting out extra additional manpower because of the incidents. >> reporter: colonel tim tells me the sheriff's department is very concerned about these incidents. he wants young people to travel together on halloween night and for parents to closely supervise their kids during trick or treating. aaron, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. >>> from maryland to maine, people are digging out from yesterday's freak october snowstorm. the big problem right now, power outages. more tha
for drivers, many of whom used their cell phones. nobody was hurt by the flying debris. in new kent keown ty virginia, kids were scrambling for safety. students could feel the doors and windows blowing open and felt the debris blowing through. the tornado damaged 30 homes in the area knocking out power and splitting trees the storm blew think louisa, virginia. children were sent scrambling as the storm headed their way. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: this was strike two for mineral county. the tornado two months after a devastating earthquake. the tornado came up quickly, catching many off guard. as this phone video knows on i-95 near quantico. hundreds of school children were boarding the buses when the tornado warning came down. here is the principal. >> as the leader, i have to stay calm. some children were shaken and upset. i let them know it was bad weather. we didn't want to send them out in bad weather. >> reporter: many thought it was simply a bad storm, not realizing a tornado touched down nearby ripping the roof off a historic plantation home. >> it started downpouring on us. >>
to ten days. chris gordon joins us from rockville with today's developments. chris? >> reporter: the jury heard from five witnesses so far beginning with the lululemon store manager who said she found the front door unlocked on the morning of march 12th and went inside to find the store in disarray. she thought it had been vandalized. she found a body laying face down. two police officers first on the scene who confirmed there was a dead body inside the store and finally from a paramedic who treated britney norwood as a victim because no one knew she was the attacker. she admits killing jana murray. her lawyer asked the jury not to find her guilty of first degree murder. there was a horrific fight. jana was killed by britney. there was no premeditation. britney lost it. she lost control. she grabbed stuff within reach. unfortunately caused the death of jana murray. wood explained she didn't try to manipulate police with lies, she got involved in a nightmarish situation. veteran defense lawyer who is not involved in the trial says norwood's state of mind is important. >> to try and show th
william and left his body in the woods here. the clarksburg search. sources say police use cell phone activity to narrow their search for william to this clarksburg area. on the scene today, william's former football coach. she brought a ball and some flowers. >> it's killing my sons. it's killing their parents. their brothers. it's killing all of us. >> reporter: on the scene today william's half brother. he said they never had a chance to meet. >> i'm out here today for my little brother. lord knows he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: on the scene today anna mae smith who runs a snack shop nearby. >> i haven't smoked in 17 years and when i heard that on the news i almost picked up one because it is really hurting. >> reporter: curti lopez is still being held in charlotte, north carolina. the estranged husband of jane mcquain, her body found in her germantown condo october 12th. she had been beaten and stabbed to death. lopez charged with first-degree murder in that case. he's now expected to be charged in the death of william mcquain. william, missing since september 30th. now they
down. it's clear we need to tighten the screws. >> reporter: using a mexican drug gang to kill the ambassador to the u.s. the motive and how high the plot went is sketchy. secretary of state clinton admitted to savannah guthrie. >> was it political purposes? a crazy idea that got out of hand. >> the english language tv is pointing a finger back at washington. >> this may be a move from the u.s. to divert problems like the protest movements. >> reporter: iran is a dangerous problem to the u.s. this alleged bomb plot is a reminder that iran is a threat even without nuclear weapons. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >>> the leaders of several european countries are worried about arans terrorism plans abroad. they have agreed to work with the u.s. >>> more arrested in the ongoing occupy d.c. protests. they took eight people into custody this morning. they were charged with disrupting congress. one was charged with simple assault. this is two days after six protesters were arrested. otherwise, the movement here in d.c. has remained largely peaceful. >>> in new york protest
. >> reporter: an emotional announcement, but expected from president obama. president bush agreed to a u.s. in 2012. the war has cost 4469 u.s. lives. 32,000 u.s. wounded. 1146 u.s. amputees and $700 billion to $800 billion. in iraq, the last 39, 000 u.s. forces are loading up. iraqis are now in charge. >> they have on operating democratic government of sorts. >> reporter: civil war remains possible. critics claim the pull-out is premature. >> they are saying the united states is weakening and withdrawaling. >> reporter: president obama would have left troops in iraq as trainers but the iraqis would not grant them legal immunity so he pulled the whole force. >> the long war in iraq will come to an end. >> reporter: it is a popular move. >> it's fantastic. the end is great. >> the toll it's taken on our economy has been a disaster for the country. >> reporter: he says the earlier drawdown switched the focus back to al qaeda and helped to get osama bin laden. now, he says we can better focus on jobs. >> after a decade of war, the nation we need to build is the nation we will build is our own
's not all. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here to tell us there's a chance for snow this weekend. doug? >> i think that chance is only increasing as we get closer to the event. that event is on saturday. we have a lot of weather going on outside right now. big changes. doppler radar is showing the showers across the area. most of this on the light side. right around the clarksburg area and as we zoom in, you can see shower activity around the district. heavier showers came through. they are around route 50 and buoy and crofton. it's because of a frontal boundary making its way through here. behind the front, very cool conditions. right now, 66 degrees. the current temperature, rather 65. a little bit of rain. look at the winds gusting to near 40 miles per hour. it is going to be a very windy night through the rest of the evening. then, we'll see the cold air begin to settle on in here. we have a lot of changes over the next 24 hours. 24 hours after that, we are going to see something that we don't normally see in october. i'll show you what i'm talking ability, coming up. >> thank you,
used this video tape to show a cold, calculated killer bent on revenge. the evening of november 29th, the tyson's mall security cameras capture the most retune of family moments. they headed to the food court for dinner. she was in her grandfather's arms. her mother and carmella walk beside. 90 minutes later, an unimaginable horror. the family leaves. this time, carmella carries the baby and carries out the plan to drop her off a walk way. a few hours later, with detective steve needles, he confesses she just lost it. >> are you saying i just lost it meaning, what did you lose? did you lose your purse? >> my mind. >> you lost your mind, okay. when you say you lost your mind, what do you mean by that? >> i did a terrible thing. >> reporter: as detectives probed her motive, she hashed her plan when her son-in-law called that night. she long resented james for getting her daughter pregnant before the couple married. she wanted to get revenge on james by hurting angela. >> james is connected to this person. >> the baby? okay. so you are looking at your granddaughter, you are thinking abo
quain. police searched in germantown and manassas for him. police tell us why they are focusing on those areas at 6:30. >>> the trial started today in the case of a schoolteacher accused of child abuse and assault. she was arrested in february on charges she punched, kicked and choked several first grade students. the trial is expected to last five days. >>> now the occupy movement is going global. large protests are under way across europe tonight. in london, there are 10 tents set up outside st. paul's cathedr cathedral. they say the protesters have been largely peaceful. one area that remains heavily guarded is the london stock change. it's a flash point where they say the world's richest people are not paying their fair share. >> if you are in the 99% you have all the power, no matter how much money you have. >> the atmosphere was different in rome saturday. thousands of protesters gathered near the coliseum and marched in the streets. police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds. anarchists infiltrated a peaceful march. cornel west and 18 other people were arrested at a related protest ye
, you know what? they are out. that's what we want. >> the u.s. embassy in rome says it will continue to support the knox family. >>> in fairfax county, a woman says two men tried to abduct her while she was out walking her dog. it happened around 4:30 on scott drive in fairfax. a woman was out with her dog when they approached her and grabbed her clothing. police searched the area. they couldn't find suspects. the woman was not seriously hurt. >>> federal safety inspectors are going to a virginia power plant that has been shut down since the august quake. the shaking turned off the two plants reactors. this wednesday, inspectors will evaluate the plant. after that process, it will be determined when the plant can be reopened. some residents want it to be retro fitted to with stand stronger quakes. >>> engineers began repelling down the monument last week to look at the damage. on friday, a gust of wind caught one of the engineers, sent him swinging away from if monument 30 feet. he was not injured. the monument remains closed. tourists are looking for alternatives. tom sherwood is on
used to lease. that camp had a name that started with the "n" word. it was painted on a rock at the camp's entrance. "the washington post" first reported this story. perry is downplaying it, saying the rock was painted over in the 1980s. perry also says he stopped leasing that property in 2007. republican candidate herman cain is calling perry insensitive. >> and for him to leave it there as long as he did before, i hear, that they finally painted over it, is just plain insensitive to a lot of black people in this country. >> perry agreed that the name of the camp was insensitive, saying it had, quote, no place in the modern world. this weekend cain also picked up another surprise straw poll victory from the national federation of republican women. he took close to 49% of the vote. rick perry came in a distant second. >>> well, it is the beginning of the october, but feels more like mid-november right now. what happened to fall is the big question. chuck bell is in the weather center with more on this october chill. chuck? >> hey, there, aaron. yes, indeed. 52 degrees was our
jobs. >> i am a home health care provider by trade. i'm used to taking care of the elderly. for three years i have been trying to get a job. i have been getting we'll call you. i have gotten that so much. i'm beginning to believe that's my middle name. >> reporter: under the banner, save the american dream, this coalition came together in support of occupy d.c. and to send a message to the lawmakers here on capitol hill. >> the entire american people are fed up with the financial interests and the corporations ruling washington. that's why you are seeing all these occupy washington, occupy new york because the american people want to see something happen here in washington. >> reporter: many of these people support the goals of occupy d.c. these demonstrators have been gathering here in washington since the weekend. some sleeping in mcpherson's square. they will hold a rally and concert at freedom plaza thursday afternoon. today, dozens of the demonstrators took part in peace keeping training at a local church, working in groups devising ways to get their message out while avoiding vi
of the man towering over us. >> a message of hope for tens of thousands that attended the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. >>> it was a tale of two quarterbacks at fedex field. the eagles snap a losing streak, white rex grossman is chanted off the field. >> intercepted. >>> good evening. i'm aaron gilchrest. we begin with the search for william mcquain. they combed parks for signs of the 11-year-old. it's focused on two parks near the apartment. little bennett park and damascus recreational park. darcy spencer is there live. we understand that william's father's family came forward for the first time. >> reporter: they certainty did did. they said they lost touch with jane and william over the last several years, and unfortunately they found out about this tragic murder by watching the news and today they decided to conduct their own search for the missing boy. in the meantime montgomery county police and other police are here at the recreational park. this is a staging area for the search activity. this is a massive park, about 300 acres heavily wooded. police are
? we'll answer that question and give you >>> president obama says u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the holidays and the political criticism over that pullout is just getting started. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: the gop presidential candidates may not agree on much, but they are joining in their criticism of president obama's decision to pull american forces out of iraq. >> the last thing that you want to do is put those men and women's lives in peril. and i think that's what the president's done. >> this decision seems to me that it was more politically based than military based. >> we're leaving behind a situation where iran has just dramatically grown in influence in that country. >> reporter: iran's president tells cnn that he expects to have a close relationship with iraq. >> translator: i don't think there is going to be any change. we have a exponential relationship with iraq. >> reporter: while u.s. troops are expected to be out by the holidays, secretary of state clinton says the united states is not leaving iraq on its own. >> and i hope that iran and no one
for assistance. it's going to have us in a really deep hole. really, really bad hole. >> a 40% demand began to take its toll on the pantry. last month, wood bridge flood victims left homeless by tropical storm lee turned to ax for food. >> it was a difficult decision to make. families coming to the door and leaving in tears. we don't have food to give them. >> reporter: word spread rap i lid. residents arriving with boxes and bags of food. >> i have been thinking of doing something for the people affected by the flood and never got around to it. i decided to come down. >> reporter: at this laundromat, every customer who brings in a can of food gets a quarter toward their laundry wash. >> we hope to make a big impact and challenge the community and community businesses to help them get reopen. >> reporter: during this crisis, some food will be available. all of the parishable food will be handed out. staffers hope the outpouring of support will enable them to reopen and supply nonperishable food before november 1. after that, the big thanksgiving food drive will help replenish the stock. >>
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)